Introductory Note

Rocha, Lucas e Advogados Associados is a modern law firm headquartered in the city of Belo Horizonte. With a solid infrastructure and lawyers specialized in various practice areas of law, it provides legal advice and litigation consulting for companies of mixed economy, multinational corporations and legal entities under public or private law.


Over the last ten years of work dedicated to business litigation, the firm has specialized in monitoring and controlling a large number of lawsuits, assisting clients in several cities across  the country.


With offices strategically spread in the state of Minas Gerais and associates in the main capitals of Brazil, Rocha, Lucas e Advogados Associados has established itself in the market as one of the best law firms for litigation advice and management for companies, creating a new concept of legal management: Expertise, cost-effectiveness, information and total quality to address our clients' demands.


Speed of information is essential for decision-making and business results. Within this principle, we develop real-time work with our clients through the use of corporate management software, enabling online advice, contingency analysis, provisioning, and rapid access to critical information.  Experience, quality and dedication are core characteristics of our services.


Rua Paraíba, 1323 . 10º Andar . Savassi . 30.130-141 . Belo Horizonte . MG . Brasil . +55 31 3223-6677