Tax Law

The ROCHA, LUCAS E ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS offers an integral Tax Law service, which gathers both litigation and tax advice. The office works in three forms:

  • Recovery of undue payments tax, as it tries to get the refund of unduly paid taxes in the past;
  • Administrative and court discussion of unauthorized charges, in which is fought the illegitimate claims of tax authorities;
  • Tax planning, consisting of advice about the tax matters of the company and its partners.

The office provide a service of Global Tax Analysis, which consists of a detailed study of the company's accounting in recent years. The goal is to detect failures or inefficiencies in tax collection and subsequently develop solutions aimed at reducing the tax burden respecting the limits imposed by law. The Global Tax Analysis may recommend measures such as reorganization of the company and the filing of lawsuits to challenge the legitimacy of past or future charges.


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