Regulatory Law

Rocha, Lucas e Advogados Associados provides assistance at negotiating infrastructure contracts in conformity with all requirements set by the regulatory bodies considering the many interests involved, particularly the Joint Regulation for Infrastructure Sharing among the Sectors of Energy, Telecommunications and Oil, including easements, ducts, conduits, poles and towers. We also assist telecomm, power, oil & gas and mining companies in litigation processes.


In the electricity sector we provide assistance from the implementation of the hydroelectric dam, or other forms of power generation such as thermoelectric plants and the SHPs (Small Hydroelectric Plants), to the integration of power distribution, generation and transmission.


In the telecommunications sector, we provide due diligence, once the issues are complex and involve many law practice areas.


In the mining sector, we address the interests of our clients with a focus on a new regulatory framework - the right to research and explore, environmental protection, and the constitutionality of rules for the sector.


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