Legal Management

The idea of Legal Management adds important information to the financial sector; it allows you to create a strategic scenario with clearer goals, such as proposing collective agreements or obtaining a declaration of unconstitutionality of a norm. Furthermore, it allows you to detect failures in internal processes, set goals, and better manage provisioning and cash flow.


Assessment of civil, labor and environmental liability, with graphical presentation of financial and statistical data. Loss contingency reports drafting or updating and provisioning;  changing of explanatory notes and assessment method based on the possible outcome of each process.


It follows the guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC in regard to classification of the risks involved; it is also focused on assisting auditors.


Drafting of monthly reports with graphical indicators. Drafting of periodic printed or electronic procedural progress reports. Due diligence to identify the chronic problems by matter or nature of the demands.


Rocha, Lucas e Advogados has a tradition in defending a large number of lawsuits and acting in strategic legal issues, providing structure and professional staff that enable close dedication to all processes.


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