Labor and Social Security Law

The dimension of the problem shall be assessed in situ. Acting preventively, Rocha, Rosi e Advogados Associados carries out inspections and audits in workplaces to establish the source of labor and social security claims.


The results are more efficient when you know the company's routines. Executive and leadership positions, agents and outsourced service providers are subject to an analysis concerning labor and social security legislation. What we seek by doing so is to achieve excellent results and cost reduction for our client.


Advising and conducting outsourcing processes. Drafting of legal defenses and monitoring of lawsuits in all instances, including the Superior Courts in Brasilia.


Representation of individuals and legal entities in litigation and administrative proceedings related to the enforcement of labor and social security standards.  Representation of corporations and labor unions in collective bargaining and in negotiating collective bargaining agreements.


Our law firm develops studies and legal opinions on Labor and Social Security Law, including Private Pension Plans.


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