Civil Law

The litigation department of Rocha, Lucas e Advogados Associados operates in a strategic and consistent way according to the client's objectives.  The technical monitoring by the team involved is always preceded by the guidance of a partner and decisions are made together with the internal legal department or their direct managers.


The services we render involve advice on:


Credit Recovery: Collection and enforcement of credit payment from invoices, IOUs or due to breach of contract.


Contracts and Business: Business undertakings and deals require contracts. We assist our client from negotiation, by making clarifications and meetings on the subject matter of the contract and its form of execution, duration, terms and conditions, penalty clauses and legality. The contract is grounded in specific legislation and aims to serve the interests of the parties or the client's.


Special Actions: Our performance in this segment is intended to complement preventive advice before public and/or private bodies that are responsible for verifying business activities. The services we provide include legal assistance in large-scale legal actions such as public, private and collective lawsuits and injunctions.


Consumer Protection: Rocha Lucas e Advogados Associados provides assistance in pre-judicial or judicial settings, through professionals specialized in the prevention and monitoring of a large number of cases concerning consumer rights, including before the relevant bodies.


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